Union J will be performing at Christmas Live on 4th December

Tickets are available here

Union J’s single Tonight (We Live Forever) will be featured on Hollyoaks’ album
"for the christmas lights event in bristol u have to spend £2 per ticket !! we bought 5 and it cost us £10 !! :-) the money is a donation !!!" by cliffordsrsly

We know, that’s for Bristol. The one in Paisley is free.

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Union J’s new video You’ve Got It All is everything we want it to be

Have Union J got it all? Their new video certainly has.

They’ve premièred their new video for You’ve Got It All and it’s pretty perfect. There is enough pointless pointing, moody stares, arms out wide with a dash of cheese to get any boyband fan giddy.

And is it just us or does Jaymi sound exactly like Gary Barlow?

It’ll feature on their album, which is coming soon. SOON people. The wait is almost over. It promises to be a good’un – there’s word the boys have worked with the likes of 1D and 5SOS.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2014/10/21/union-js-new-video-youve-got-it-all-is-everything-we-want-it-to-be-4914495/

"Don't you have to pay bc the boys will be there? Sorry I'm going and i just wanna make sure in case I go and you need a ticket" by Anonymous

It’s a free event.


We were so lucky to have Union J join us at The Big Music Project Live in Belfast. They played two amazing sets to hundreds of fans who had come along to find out how they could make their next steps into the music industry! We sat down with them to get the low down on the industry from their side!

Thanks so much for getting involved with The Big Music Project, why did you decide to get involved?

“When we are asked to get involved with a project we’re really passionate about we get very excited. We can’t wait to perform at The Big Music Project today as the music industry is something we live and breathe so this holds a special place in our heart.”

How important do you think it is to be respectful and friendly to people in the industry?

“It’s the MOST important thing. Without respect you will achieve nothing!”

Read more: http://www.thebigmusicproject.co.uk/big-music-project-meets-union-j/

"I haven't been on for 2 weeks bc I was on holiday, what have I missed?" by Anonymous

Scroll down this tag. You can find everything that happened there.

"Hi. Any idea about where are boys today." by Anonymous

Probably somewhere in London.

"didnt think i could be more attracted to josh ... then i saw the You Got It All video ! i mean WOW :)" by Anonymous

I must say he looks very handsome in the video I agree. 

"For the Paisley one" by Anonymous

Answered here

"Do you have to pay for the Christmas lights switch on?" by Anonymous

No it’s a free event

Josh and George are nominated for Capital FM’s sexiest male in pop 2014

Josh was crowned ‘Sexiest male in pop 2013’ last year. Both he and George are nominated this year. You can vote for them by tweeting #UnionJJoshSexiest and #UnionJGeorgeSexiest.

More information here http://www.capitalfm.com/photos/sexy-singers-2014/

"what date was the ygia video filmed?" by Anonymous

Sepetmber 16th 2014

"Hey love Union J so much are they going to be doing another signing for their new single coming out and can't wait to buy it when it does come out in the shops and love them loads and loads and so much and always will and will you be uploading any new photos of the boys and are will they be performing their new single on the vamps live tour please can you let me know if they are thankyou love this website loads and lots xx" by Anonymous

Thank you so much for supporting our site. We don’t know if they will do a signing for the single, sorry. We upload all the pictures that we can find, so don’t worry and they probably will sing the single then.

"Hey will the boys be doing another signing for their new single if so please can you let me know thankyou low you and this website very much indeed and always will forever" by Anonymous

They haven’t said anything about a signing so we don’t know, sorry. And thank you so much.