It’s the battle of the boybands as The Vamps, The Wanted, Union J And Lawson hit Fusion Festival

Get your scorecards at the ready because we have some very important business to attend to: which boyband (or just band, if we’re being pedantic) deserves to win the extremely prestigious and 100% imaginary title of Boyband Of The Weekend for their performances at Fusion Festival this weekend.

Being such serious business, we’re going to mark the contestants - The Wanted, Union J, The Vamps and Lawson - for their performance in categories including arm game, percentage plaid worn and erect-ness of hair. So join with us and let the games begin…

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"Is George's throat completely better now?" by Anonymous

We don’t know, sorry

"What George account?" by Anonymous

George’s account on Tumblr

"have u got links to interviews at fusion" by Anonymous

Please check our videos as we’ve uploaded a few on our site today and yesterday.

"how much were tour tickets last year?" by Anonymous

It depends which category of tickets you want.

"Are you sure the George account is real?" by Anonymous

George’s account is real, yes

"Can you tell me George's tumblr and Derek's tumblr??" by Anonymous
"it's weird because the derek blog was the first to say that george's tattoo was drawn on and that he was considering getting it and then today george posted about getting it idk it's probably not him but they're convincing haha" by Anonymous

I know right? Haha. We’ll never know until they say I guess!

Union J performing Skyscraper at Fusion Festival in Birmingham on 8/31/14 - credits to bellabong122

Union J performing at Fusion Festival - (8/31/14) Credits to bellabong122

"do you have the link for the Derek blog ?" by Anonymous
+ @JJUJWorld: This isn&#8217;t right&#8230;&#8230; how comes he already has a better car then me? 😦

@JJUJWorld: This isn’t right…… how comes he already has a better car then me? 😦

"The tumblr could be george because it sounds just like him and they said they reveal who it is soon and there other night the Derek blog went offline and straight away george came online so it might be him 😊" by Anonymous

There’s always a chance but we’ve got to conclude the most likely idea at the end of the day

"TUMBLR HUG! Pass it on to your 10 favorite followers. :) xx" by jaymcfuckmeguiness

Aw you’re so sweet. Thank you!

"George totally has a crush on Megan Trainor ;)" by Anonymous

Haha, we’ll never know unless you can mind read!