"what are Josh's parents called? (you guys are all so helpful and sweet) x" by Anonymous

Aw thank you lovely!

Mother: Kathryn Browne
Father: His name has never been mentioned
Step-father: Graham Browne

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"What relation do the Syren havs to Union J besides two of Jaymi's best friends being on the group?" by Anonymous

They’re just friends with Jaymi as far as I’m aware of

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"Do you know which number George lives??" by Anonymous

We will never reveal the boys’ addresses.

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"What is Princeton's surname?" by Anonymous

Hamblett I believe

Union J are performing at Eastnor Summer Sunday

We have been kind enough to receive the information first about Union J performing at this event.

Event: Eastnor Summer Sunday
Venue: Eastnor Castle Deer Park
Date: 27th July 2014
Event time: 3pm - 10pm

Ticket Prices:

  • Adult (14 and over): £28.50
  • Child (Under 14): £20.00

You can buy tickets here


  • Under 14s MUST be accompanied by an adult and an adult can accompany up to 4 under 14s.
  • Unaccompanied under 14s WILL NOT be admitted to the concert and tickets cannot be refunded.
"What car has JJ got?" by Anonymous

We’re actually not sure at the moment, sorry

"What colour car has JJ got?" by Anonymous


"To which supermarket did JJ and George go yesterday??" by Anonymous


"i know it's a completely weird question, but.. i've never used snapchat before, but i added george and how do i know that he accepted me? thank you! x" by Anonymous

If you go onto My Friends (bottom right button when you’re on the camera), then click the image of a person with a plus in the top right. If his name is not in that list and you have added him, it means he hasn’t accepted you.

I believe he hasn’t accepted any fans but everyone can still view his story.

"What are the boys snapchats? If you are allowed to give it out, if not thats okay :)" by Anonymous

George’s snapchat is GeorgeUJSnap.

"In an interview, Jaymi's superhero name was Inspecter Bender or something like that, I was just wondering what it meant? Thanks:)" by Anonymous

Bender is like a term of a physical position of two males having sex. Bending is also a term used on someone who is gay. So that’s how it links in with Jaymi.

"what's the name of jj's baby?" by Anonymous

Princeton J Alexander

+ @GeorgeUJWorld: Thanks to you guys and this little fella, I&#8217;m sleeping with an extra wide smile on my face! 😄 Nu&#8217;night x

@GeorgeUJWorld: Thanks to you guys and this little fella, I’m sleeping with an extra wide smile on my face! 😄 Nu’night x

"I think it is really sweet that George does regular snaps, because it kind of brings fans closer and we kind off get a sneak peek of their everyday life (in the least stalkers way haha)" by Anonymous

I totally agree, it’s a great insight into his life!

A fan meeting Union J at Manchester signing (12/04/2014)