"Hey what does it mean that the boys are going to dm you and what do they do on there and I'm a huge real true fan of them and always will be forever and ever and ever xx 😊❤️" by Anonymous

When we say ‘DM’ it means Direct Message on Twitter. So if the boys follow you and you follow them, then you can sends private messages to each other and no one else can see them unless you screenshot it and post it on Twitter.

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"Hey I have tweeted josh cuthbert on my twitter and he hasn't responded or sent me a Dm messege and when do the boys new music video and new album to come out and please can you ask josh to Dm me and to send me a Dm messege thankyou love him loads and loads and the rest of the boys loads and loads x" by Anonymous

Firstly, it’s not always likely that Josh will see your tweets. You have to keep tweeting him, especially when he’s online. Also for him to DM you, he has to follow you.

Secondly, we don’t know when the music video is out or the album. We imagine that we will hear the single very soon and we will see the music video shortly. The album is probably going to be towards the end of the year. If we know any information, we will post on our site.

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"How did that @missmeghathaway girl get a tweet from josh and what did she say in her letter to him" by Anonymous

She gave him a letter at a signing with her Twitter on the letter. We aren’t sure what she said as we haven’t seen the letter, however it probably about how she feels about Josh etc

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"what's happened to all the regs? how comes none of them have gone to see the boys? what's going on? have they fallen out with the boys it seems like it?" by Anonymous

They boys haven’t really been doing stuff recently for the regs to go see them, it’s the boys time off! Also, I’m sure the regs are busy doing other stuff like jobs, college, unis etc.

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"Hey I tweeted josh cuthbert to Dm me and to follow me on his twitter and he hasn't responded to it Atall so what has he been up to and doing x :)" by Anonymous

He doesn’t read most of his mentions so I doubt tweeting him once is going to be seen by him!

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"I'd just like to point out that just because someone has a cross tattoo doesn't mean they are of religion. They can just like the design." by Anonymous

That is true but usually it represents their religion

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"jaymi has a tattoo on his low back of a cross so i presume he is christian" by Anonymous

Thank you!

"How is George & where is he and the rest of the boys?" by Anonymous

He seems fine based on his tweets and I believe they went to Sony Headquarters and watched their music video but judging by George’s tweets they have left and are around central London, most likely on their way home.

"Why are u girls not taking notice of tweets or questions. I asked u a question this morning & I am still waiting for an answer, so come on girls, pull yr finger out!" by Anonymous

First of all, please do not be rude towards us. We try our best to answer everything we receive as soon as possible.

Most of us are at school or are working during this time so we are unable to respond. I’m sorry! Another reason is that we may not know the answer and therefore we leave it our askbox until we can find out the answer you want.

Also I have check all of our mentions and there are no questions that haven’t been answered. Please make sure you’re tweeting us at @unionjwnews.

Please be patient, thank you!

"You know you said josh is from camberley or Surrey? Camberley is in Surrey, I met him at nandos in camberley last year :)" by Anonymous

That makes way more sense, thank you so much. We suck at geography as you can tell, oops!

"Hey please can you give the Union j boys my username on my Twitter its @Bethany32944008 and please can you also ask them to dm me as well onto my mobile thankyou especially josh cuthbert thankyou and a huge real true fan of them and this website and always will be forever and ever and ever x 😊❤️" by Anonymous

Aw thank you lovely but we don’t know the boys personally in order for you to get follows or dms. We can dm them for you if you ask nicely on Twitter though which may help!

"Hi I was wondering if you can follow me on twitter @elaverell so that I can DM you. :) thanks x" by lavleyx

Tweet us please, if you can!

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"Why is Josh's siblings surname is browne and his is Cuthbert?" by Anonymous

They are half siblings of Josh.

"Emailed you guys :)" by m-y-k-ey

Hopefully one of our two members who have access to the e-mail replies soon.

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"I'm sorry, but it's really killing me that boys are not doing anything! Union J is my favorite band, and I love Jaymi the most, but.. why the boys are so quite?! Is it the management or is it the boys them self?! Because most of the time we are getting answer is 'boys are at home'! Really tho! not promoting the band.. not talking about new single.. what does all these means!!" by Anonymous

The boys have been promoting their new fragrance. They’ve been out last week to promote it. They had the fragrance launch party on Wednesday and the signings in Nottingham and Leeds on Saturday.

Also, we get a lot of asks about where the boys are when they don’t have any announced plans. But we don’t know them personally, so we only assume they are home or somewhere in London at that moment. We never know for sure though.