"What age is Olly today?" by Anonymous


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"Is there any videos of the boys being really cute?" by Anonymous

Well it depends what you mean by “really cute” haha

"yes hi this is the anon that's supposedly is telling you how to run your blog. I am not for one trying to do that, I think what you all do is amazing. I was just giving you all advice, and opinion, something to take into consideration not a command x" by Anonymous

Thank you so much, we understand your feedback however I hope you understand we can’t fully take it on board!

"Hi, I know Jaymi and Olly are Jolly but what's JJ and Cats? And Josh and Chess?" by Anonymous

They haven’t really got one but if they were to have one I would assume JJ and Cat’s name would be Jat and Chess and Josh’s name to be Jess.

"Okay thank you and take your time 😊😊" by Anonymous

Thank you and anytime.

"Where did the unseen picture of jaymi come from" by Anonymous

Probably his private Facebook as we don’t know where it otherwise would come from.

"George said he gave his mum his doll on heat 😊" by Anonymous

Aww, thank you for telling us.

"Yeah George said he gave the doll he had of himself to him mum because she wanted it" by Anonymous

Thank you for telling us.

+ @GeorgeUJWorld: I just searched &#8216;Cat Burrito&#8217; and this came up. Don&#8217;t ask&#8230; I don&#8217;t know weather to be scared or weep with joy 😂 x

@GeorgeUJWorld: I just searched ‘Cat Burrito’ and this came up. Don’t ask… I don’t know weather to be scared or weep with joy 😂 x

"did George say somethink about his mum on heat x" by Anonymous

We actually have no idea. We hope to find and upload the interview as soon as possible so we know the answer.

"ella was ask if her and George date and she said no and that they are still good friend and that she so proud of how well union j have done x" by Anonymous

Aah thank you so much!

"Sorry I changed my ask a bit 😊 x" by Anonymous

We got your ask again. We’ll try and answer it as soon as possible.

"Can GEORGE now drive?" by ujbeethoven

Yes, he can.

"I know George said that he would never date a fan, but do you reckon under the right circumstances he might? (this isn't me trying to date him lol. Not like i wouldn't though 😉) its like, you would want to date someone who liked what you do , right? Its not like he would say 'im not going to be related to you because you like my music' to his family, so why not?" by Anonymous

Love can be unexpected so yeah he may date a fan but I believe the actual concept of dating someone who is overly obsessed with you and with a massive age gap is something I’m assuming George means when he says the term “fan”.

"its alright :) but if fusion fest said theyll say what vip includes in a few days do you think that means we'll find out like after they go on sale? x" by Anonymous

I can’t be sure sorry, they literally emailed me “they will be confirmed soon”. I don’t want to estimate in case I’m wrong, sorry lovely!