"How do people no about George's ring being stolen?! I don't get how people have found out?!" by kadiberrie

I honestly have no clue. I don’t even know if it’s actually the truth because I would of thought George would tweet about it

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"just to let you know a fan stole George's ring that his mum gave him for his birthday today at capital so can you please send a tweet because there a lot of us who want to get him that ring back he must be so upset x" by Anonymous

That sucks, are you serious? That’s such a horrible thing to do

Posted 30 minutes ago by unionjworldnews.
"How can I win George bandana" by Anonymous

Enter here by filling in your details

"if you win, is it a golden ticket, or a message from the boys or...?" by Anonymous

A message I believe

"do you personally think George is dating Asami be honest please ?" by Anonymous

I don’t think so at this moment in time

@unionjworld: Head to our Facebook page now to win George’s #UJTonightvideo bandana from off his actual head.

"Today on a TV Asami confirmed that her and Harry styles aren't together, she didn't say anything bout George tho, thought I should just let you know x" by Anonymous

Thank you!

"I feel so sad because I did not manage to buy signed cover. :( Is there any chance they will sign more covers? :(" by Anonymous

No I wouldn’t think so, besides the signings

"so if you get a golden ticket inside you bundle you are a winner?" by Anonymous

Yes, but you must post it onto twitter with the hashtag #UJGoldenTicket

"what is the golden ticket how do you get one" by Anonymous

You can get one if you have bought the bundle on their official site. You get to meet the boys when they are on tour. Only four people can win this as they only did 4 Golden Tickets

"do you think they will be doing a signing tour or not? cause they were all sold out when i tried to buy one" by Anonymous

Yeah I would think so, it would help with single sales

"What are the boots called that George bought recently?" by Anonymous

They look like timberlands but I’m not 100% sure that it is the brand

"are these the signings they were talking about? the twitcam? or do you think they will still do signings we can go to?" by Anonymous

There will still be signings that you can go to we believe

"When do you think they'll announce the single singing dates it should be soon because the single is out in a couple of weeks. And will it be the week it's out?" by Anonymous

We have no clue when they will announce the dates nor the days they plan to do signings. There have been no confirmed dates that we are aware of at the moment for either of your inquires so to guess would provide you with false hope on information we aren’t sure of

"What do you think the exciting news could be on the band account?" by Anonymous

It’s the golden ticket I believe