"Have you got the cool fm interview from last week?? Thanks" by Anonymous

We don’t have it, sorry.

"Do you have the video where george says georgey porge?" by Anonymous

Here you go

"On the tour will the boys be coming to Leeds?" by Anonymous

We can’t be sure as there are no confirmed places at the moment

"ok thanks my question really showed my limited knowledge of snapchat didnt it :) thankyou anywway" by Anonymous

Don’t worry and anytime

JJ and George with @DayDay_xx yesterday (29/07/2014)

"fans should stop believing everything they read boys and girls are aloud to be friends and to put there arms around each other it's really getting boring now and the press will do anything for and story if it true or not x" by Anonymous


"Am I the only one who got excited when George said he had a seven years age difference with one of his girlfriend, because I only have a 6 years difference, so there is a slight chance. Ah maybe not but ay I guess a girl can always dream hahah." by Anonymous

There are probably more fans excited about that.

"How do you save the snapchat videos from George's story?" by Anonymous

I use Snapkeep to save them

"what's •Tonight (We Live Forever) [George & Jaymi Re-Fix] - Tonight (We Live Forever) [Josh & JJ Re-Fix] mean x" by Anonymous

These are probably remixes of the single.

"You know the snapchats of the guys? Except george i already have it haha(:" by Anonymous

The other boys don’t have one that fans know about.

"Is it weird that I was buzzing when I watched the video of George saying the biggest gap was 7 years?" by Anonymous

No, I don’t think so. There are probably more fans happy about that, that he has said this.

"In the truth or dare video, JJ said he caught having sex, who I'd he caught by.?" by Anonymous

We don’t know, sorry.

"hi you know how the lyric video for "tonight" was made by a load of snapchat videos, have they videos been uploaded? sorry if they have been but i dont have snapchat :)" by Anonymous

No, they were recorded on cameras but they used editing skills to make it look like snapchat for their video

"the next single will be out august 17 right?" by Anonymous

Tonight (We Live Forever) is out on the 17th August, not the next single

"you guys always say that josh and chess are dating but in the truth or dare game, george said josh doesn't have a girlfriend..." by Anonymous

Josh keeps his relationship private