"Hey love Union J so much are they going to be doing another signing for their new single coming out and can't wait to buy it when it does come out in the shops and love them loads and loads and so much and always will and will you be uploading any new photos of the boys and are will they be performing their new single on the vamps live tour please can you let me know if they are thankyou love this website loads and lots xx" by Anonymous

Thank you so much for supporting our site. We don’t know if they will do a signing for the single, sorry. We upload all the pictures that we can find, so don’t worry and they probably will sing the single then.

"Hey will the boys be doing another signing for their new single if so please can you let me know thankyou low you and this website very much indeed and always will forever" by Anonymous

They haven’t said anything about a signing so we don’t know, sorry. And thank you so much.

Operation get YGIA video tons of views!


Hello friends! I have this idea. We all want Union J to do well right? And if their music videos get more views they’ll be recognised more and more people will find out about them and blah blah blah. So I think we should try and get the You Got It All video, which will be dropped tonight, as many views as we possibly can and here’s how:

There’s a google chrome extension called Auto Refresh Plus which you can download here. Set the time at 1 minute so the music video will refresh every minute (views count when the music video has been watched for 30 seconds so setting the timer for one minute will count towards the views) and then leave the video page open. If you can, try to leave it open over night too so we can accumulate for views for the video. Make sure your computer doesn’t go into sleep mode when untouched so it still works.

Try and spread this everywhere! Reblog, share on twitter, share on facebook, share it with your grandma’s cat, share it with your great-uncle Leopold. Just share it everywhere let’s make sure this video gets the views it deserves!

Remember to be doing this! Here is the link to the music video. Keep in mind that you can still be on your computer while the music video refreshes itself. Changing the tab doesn’t affect the extension as long as you opened it in the Youtube tab.

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"Does josh answer dms regularly?" by Anonymous


"You guys posted one of my articles again. Just... thank you. Thank you for supporting my posts and for allowing me to show my love to the guys. <3" by jonnyfantastico81

Anytime. We love reading your posts about the boys and we also want to share it with other fans too.

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"Is there any way you could help us meet the boys in Madrid? I'm the girl that told you once was going to the UK for an au pair but I didn't get to meet them there. I'd love to see them at least for a minute at the airport or something 😢 If you can't reply as in a private message could I message you on twitter? My user is @shelleyakamonks or @paulashelley_" by Anonymous

We don’t have any information except that they will be performing their on the 25th of October. The best way to meet them is either at the airport or at the artists’ entrance of the venue.

If you want to ask us something on Twitter, please tweet us. It’s easier for us.

"how many tattoos the boys haves?" by Anonymous

Answered here

"What's the oficial cover pic of You Got It All ??" by Anonymous

Here you go


"Could you please fix the link to Rant Lifestyle so it's an actual link? And thanks for posting one of Jonathan's articles again ^^" by smallsleepyrascalcat

I fixed it and anytime. It’s something that we like to post on our site.

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"Does Josh follow from spam or rt's" by Anonymous

Sorry, I just saw this ask. I believe he followed people who retweeted the tweet and who tweeted the video with the hashtag. So both I guess.

Union J Have ‘Got It All’ With Bold New Single

While pop groups like One Direction seem to have massive success handed to them, other groups, like Union J, don’t have it as easy.

The foursome, who like 1D, were formed on the UK version of The X Factor, are hoping to start over with a new record label (they switched from RCA to Epic in early 2014) and a bit of a new sound. The first release from their second album, “Tonight (We Live Forever)”, was a bit heavier than their earlier pop singles, and their fans absolutely adored the change. Now, they’re hoping to continue this difference of momentum with their new song and video, “You Got It All”.

Unlike the upbeat “Tonight”, which had group members Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett, Jaymi Hensley and George Shelley partying with a group of friends and fans, “You Got It All” places the foursome by themselves on a lonely street. Shot entirely in black-and-white, the clip is surprisingly minimal for such a big ballad.


Personally, I have to give them props for doing something a bit more mature that doesn’t feel forced. Furthermore, it’s great to hear all four guys have their own section of the song. When they do eventually come together, their harmonies are magical — and that big explosion of instruments at the end is incredibly strong.

If this is what they’re offering now, then I’m all for it.

Read more: http://www.rantlifestyle.com/2014/10/20/union-j-have-got-it-all-with-bold-new-single/

"Trying to get the boys to follow you on twitter is impossible!" by Anonymous

Don’t give up, good things come to those who wait!

Union J’s music video of You Got It All is now also available to watch outside the UK
"Heard the new single, watched the video, think it looks more like the trailer for the new batman prequel 'Gotham'." by Anonymous

I see what you mean haha!

"is ygia only available for pre order in the uk?" by Anonymous

As far as I’m aware of. But if I am wrong, please correct me!